Girl, 13, Sends 14,528 Texts in a Month

SILVERADO CANYON, Calif., Jan. 11 (UPI) – A California father says he discovered his 13-year-old daughter sent 484 text messages per day last month — one message every 2 minutes of every waking hour.

Greg Hardesty of Silverado Canyon, Calif., told the New York Post his 440-page cell phone bill revealed his daughter Reina had sent an astonishing 14,528 text messages.

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When we saw this headline, our jaws dropped too! But it also got us thinking, when was the last time you heard anything  like “Girl opens 12,000 pieces of junk mail in one month.” Never!

We hear people addicted to text messaging to the point where they get carpel tunnel syndrome! They even have rehab for people addicted to texting.  If the public is becoming addicted to something, why wouldn’t you want to figure out why? Why wouldn’t you want to learn how text messaging can help a business, personal relationship or anything else?

Did you know that people check their cell phones on average, ever 6 1/2 minutes every day?

Just some food for thought for the day!



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